Sunday, February 20, 2011

Car Wash Etiquette

Apparently it's time to review a few basics. When the young lady at the car wash approaches your car to greet you be polite and roll your window down. SHe isthere to welcome you, explain how the car wash works if it's your first time and to share any specials or promotions going on. DO NOT just wave her off like some fly without so much as rolling the window down. Also, please do not just crack the window and "I don't want anything." I am not a homeless person going car to car to beg for money I am there doing my job.

When you DO roll the window it is not okay to continue to clip your finger nails and pitch them out the window (far too close to me) while I am talking to you. Also, if your passenger happens to be breast feeding, she may want to cover up for a minute when I approach the car.

It is not cool to beep your horn while waiting in the line, if one car doesn't move up fast enough or enter the car wash the INSTANT the lights turn green. In fact there should be NO beeping except in case of an emergency. Any beeping of horns will have me turn this car wash around so fast it will make your head spin. If you are in THAT much of a hurry, perhaps today ISN'T the day to wash your car. 9 out 10 times when people are in too much of a hurry tend to make a mistake in the car wash and wind up having to go through again or hold up the line.

Lastly, please do NOT throw your cigarette butts out the car window while you are waiting in line or vacuuming your car. It is still littering and cleaning up after you is not something we should have to do. We care about the appearance of our work place and would appreciate if you would respect that.

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